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Nokia-based Windows Phone Mango

Nokia will launch its first smart phone based on Windows Phone "Mango" next week in London at the same time reported a third quarter loss.

Investor’s hope Nokia can take advantage of the shift rulers dominated the smart phone industry of Apple and Google, Reuters reported.
Nokia smart phone sales fell due to the Symbian platform depends on the elderly. As such, Nokia established an agreement with Microsoft in February.
Analysts estimate Nokia only sold 15.9 million smart phones in the third quarter, the figure was down 40 percent from a year ago. Although Nokia has cut the price of smart phones in early July.

"The biggest question is whether we see the basic problem of a smart phone? I think we did it," said Swedbank analyst Jari Honko.

Because the smart phone sales continue to weaken, Nokia will report third-quarter operating loss of around 23 million Euros, down 391 million in the previous quarter.
With Microsoft software, Nokia hoped to break Apple's and Google's attention and attract the software developers to join.
So far the success of Windows Phone is still a question mark and only 2-3 per cent market share. It was 180 degrees with a share versus Google Android at 50 percent and Apple's market share by 15 percent.
Investors were disappointed because Apple Apple iPhone sales dropped to 17.1 million units in the September quarter, but the figure is still far from Nokia sales expectations. 4S iPhone sales Apple's previous record sales.
Nokia does not rush the latest issue of smart phones despite the holding of Microsoft. Nokia rivals such as HTC, Fujitsu and Samsung Electronics has launched the first smart phone based on the latest Windows Phone, "Mango".
In addition, Nokia also faces other challenges with the advent of smart phones Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Samsung's first smart phone that uses the latest version of the Android software. Unfortunately, stretching activity of consumer spending in the holiday season did not show any significant change.
Meanwhile, the prospect of worsening consumer spending in the last week. Analysts pessimistic forecasts smart phone sales in the fourth quarter. According to the Reuters poll, the company expects an increase of 12 percent.
According to reports on Thursday, the weakening world economy could weaken the telecom company's revenue Nokia Nokia Siemens Networks and Ericsson competition more.
Telecommunications Equipment Company smaller PowerWAVE warned this week that telecom operators would reduce or delay the near-term spending worldwide, and especially in North America, Ericsson's largest market.
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