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What Not Allowed to Do After Exercise

You may have spent an hour a day to exercise hard. But what about the other 23 hours at a time when you do not exercise?

Well below the things you should not do after exercise:
1. Drink Sports Drink
Do not rush to consume sports drinks when your body is not really lost electrolytes. Sports drinks generally contain artificial sweeteners are not good for the body. Simply gulp of water to replace lost body fluids.
2. Not a direct feed
After strenuous exercise, your body is ready for refueling. But remember do not directly take the weight of the fatty foods, but be wise with light snacks are healthy. Small amount of protein and complex carbohydrates is enough to restore your muscles.
3. Snacks night
Choose a light and healthy snacks in the evening. Do not let this night snack choices ruin your calorie burn during the day.
4. Sleep Deprivation
Sleep is not just a means of rest, but also the recovery of energy to exercise again the next day. Sleep also produce high levels of growth hormone is believed to be a key component of muscle growth and repair.

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