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Caring for Motorcycle

Tips on motorcycle maintenance matic do, because I also use motorcycle matic to support daily activities, although we are not a good bike but if we care, can be a value-added, so I want to share care tips matic motors in general, and tips this can be applied to all types of motorcycles matic Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda.

  There are several things to consider in caring for matic motorcycle:

1. Change engine oil every 2000 km

2. Transmission oil change every 7500 km

3. It is recommended to replace the belt every 20,000 Km Vent

4. At km 20 000 In addition to replacing the vent beltnya well advised to do the clean room such transmission.

5. Always use original spark plug when replacing spark plugs that have been long.

6. Finally always check battery condition, as most full-matic motor is a DC motor where the battery is very influential role in motorcycle matic. are for power and ride comfort

7. Oil change every 10,000 km shocbeker

In addition, to not use the tire or rim is too wide, because according to experts it can make the age of ventbelt and rollernya become shorter, which surely will feel heavy motorcycles and making motorcycles to be very wasteful.

Hopefully these tips can help given from the owners to care for matic motorcycle bike and make the bike more durable and long lasting.
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