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Printer Sharing in the Network

Printers are getting cheaper lately. But if each computer must have a printer that's a waste. Use the printer in some cafe that had dozens of clients is enough handled by 2 until 3 printers. A division within a company that has 10 computers in one room, in my opinion enough to have a maximum of 4 printers only. except for a printing company which printed works-prints with a high frequency. The point is if talking about the business, production costs can be reduced only by reducing the printer. Not to mention the factor of cartridges that cost nearly the same as the price of the printer itself ... 

Models use one printer for multiple users is often known as the Printer Sharing. There are several methods that can be used to make some computers share one printer. Starting from the LAN network model, the printer switches, even manually switch aliases colokin to the computer if necessary.

In this review I will describe step-by-step setting the printer to be shared by several computers with the use of the facilities have File and Printer Sharing Windows. Maybe for some of your writing is no longer relevant, but not why. I accidentally reload this paper to provide a reference for colleagues who are still in need. Moreover this method can greatly save the use of printers, especially for lab, office, rental and Warnet.

Before starting the following steps I assume you have set up your LAN network. Each computer has an IP address is correct and incorporated daam a workgroup. Here I use the default name "WORKGROUP" for the network name that I use.

If you are still interested in listening to the selection step and how to make krimping cable UTP cable to the network, please click here. Problem topology network, please select your own best suits your needs.

In the process of sharing printers, there are two steps that need to be done as follows:

First, Printer Sharing Facility Opens on Host computer.

What is meant by the host computer is a computer that has a printer. If the rental or cafe, often the host computer is referred to as a server service. Printer on the computer this is what will be divided and using that-do by utilizing the facilities of Windows File and Printer Sharing. But you'll want to make sure first that the printer driver is installed and can run well.

Next do the following steps:

1. Open the Control Panel next Printers and Faxes, right click on your printer> Select Sharing. In this example I use the HP Deskjet 4300 Series printers.

2. Next will come Properties Sharing Tab as shown below. Make sure you select the Share this printer checkbox, Give the name as you like and finish with the click OK. If there is demand for the Windows CD, or confirmation of printer sharing, select "Just Enable File and Printer Sharing" and click OK.

At this point the host computer settings are finished.

Further second stage, namely Printer Settings on the client computer. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Control Panel Next Printers and Faxes Next In the tab on the left select Add a Printer. More details see the following picture:

2. Next Add Printer Wizard, Click Next

3. Select the type of printer to be used, make sure you select Network Printer Click Next

4. Browse printers on your network, make sure you do not end with a wrong address Next

5. The computer will confirm whether this will be a Network Printer Printer Main? Select as needed. I suggest you select Yes, Next

6. End the Wizard by clicking Finish.

You've managed to connect a client computer to a network printer. Next, please print a document from a client computer using the printer you just set. Good luck!
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