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Cheap Vacation

If likened to an object, the holidays can be transformed into a variety of forms. For those who like music, holidays such as new songs from the band or singer is preferred. For those who like movies, holidays can be the new movies from your favorite actress or actor who is always willing to queue to watch it in theaters. What more if the songs or movies can be enjoyed for half price? So, the holidays can be described as 'objects' for entertainment.
 Speaking of holidays, of course everyone wants to vacation. But what kind of vacation that can make we ready to indulge again? Whether a luxury vacation to beautiful places, but make the bag upset, or cheap holidays to places where the crude but keep the bag safe? Why not both? Luxury but cheap vacation. The trick? A lot. Of the many ways that you may have tried, there is one way relatively new but already proven its superiority.
Ever heard of sites that offer a wide range of discounts at your favorite places? This relatively new form of business, but it was very flourishing in Jakarta. Approximately there are 32 sites with similar businesses scattered in cyberspace and mostly focusing on the city. However, some sites have started to spread its wings to other major cities. The system is simple and easy:

1. Sign up as a member of the site (usually free)
2. Choose an attractive discount
3. Make a payment (usually through a transfer, either through ATMs or direct deposit to the bank)
4. Discounts will be given in the form of vouchers which are sent via email and can be printed by itself
5. Indicate the voucher when it comes to the destination
 This way is very practical and time saving. However, it is also somewhat tricky because it deals with sending some money to another account. Here is its tricky location, whether provided by the promos they really exist? Is it true we will get a discount voucher which will be sent via email? Therefore, the accuracy in choosing the right site to be very important here. As lay people we should really consider whether the site can be trusted or not.
 To avoid fraud, it's good to see the responses from existing members in a discussion forum that is usually available on the site. Thus we will know whether the site is safe and reliable or otherwise.

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