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Today, Suzuki release a new automatic motor in Indonesia. Suzuki Indonesia name his new motor with Suzuki Skywave. This motor is a new variant of the former same type, that is Suzuki Spin. According to any sources, Thismotorcycle equal to Suzuki Hayate which has been released in Thailand. It’s also using a 125 CC four stroke engine.

Suzuki Hayate, In Indonesia released in the name of Skywave.

ika anda bermaksud untuk memodifikasi Suzuki Skywave anda, mungkin gambar berikut bisa memberi inspirasi.

Hayate 125, Drug Racer Style. Inspiring you how to modify your Skywave ?

yamaha mio are not have the utmost for the modification. yamaha mio why many model modification, because the yamaha mio who like many, many of them want to change the shape of the yamaha mio. in this case the term is a modification of the form of yamaha mio itself. modifications in 2009 to provide yamaha mio that our new update. there are 3 images yamaha mio modifications which we will show as an example the trend in modifications motor mio this year 2009. and you only see the modification as the following example:

yamaha mio with brush fear

Mio Expand

Modification of low flow rider on motorcycle automatic is increasingly cool. stretchy rear wheels do not tangung-hearted. When generally 15 cm to 25 cm, Roby Istim Mengolan do on Yamaha Mio Soul is more extreme. Extended back to the rear wheel axle 30 cm so already past the end of the rear lights.

Roby admitted inspired modif in Japan that is now popular again. Another uniqueness, on both wheels. Use different types of alloy wheels, front model radius (spoke), and behind bars, according to Roby, who had wanted to because rada-style flat.

Back to the use of the retreat-retreat was 30 cm. Because the frame was stretched long, Roby all make it lower skubek aka flat. The trick, Shockbreaker position in the design back. "We set the slope is the angle of almost 35 degrees so that it can get a view like this," says the owner. Own brand shock absorbers using YSS who originally prepared for the Suzuki Satria 120R.

Hence, when occupied or when the road, the distance between the front and rear wheel cover body only two fingers. Even crashing through bumps or holes, according to former players this Vespa, Mio machine is relatively safe because, from the results of this modif, position the machine does not go down.

In addition to the elastic axles, there are other features that reinforce this lowrider Japanese flavor, white color that is wrapped around the body which became a favorite of Sakura. Automatic motorcycle display is increasingly strong reinforced by the wide front fender model.

Includes rear muffler made ​​towering upwards. It is precisely this that makes the rear view a little less good. Becomes more elegant if its height equal to the upper end of the wheel and the diameter of the shell is slightly smaller.
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